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What Fashion Decade Is Most You?

Yeah, yeah, you know fashion repeats itself. But where does your inspiration come from? See which fashionable decade you'd be most at home in!


What Inspires You?

Nothing like a little positive thinking to get you psyched to reach new goals! What inspires you to go after your dreams and make your mark on the workplace? Take the test and find out!


What is Your Artist Statement IQ?

The artist statement is a tricky bit of business. It must illustrate the themes, goals, basic philosophy, and the techniques of an artist’s work. But the artist has a duty to explain in words his work to a wide audience; the statement is used to introduce his work in live public exhibitions, web galleries, and professional auctions. Is your artist statement up to the task? Find out in our quiz below.


What is Your Ideal Work Environment?

Everyone works more efficiently in office types that fit their personality. Whether it be in a war bunker or poolside, our surroundings can dictate how efficient we are at work. Which work environment is best for you?


What Is Your Logo IQ?

How well do you know your logos? Match the logo with the right company or entity and you'll prove your mastery. Some of these are old school, so beware!