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I Hate Politics!!! I’m Referring to the Office Kind.

I Hate Politics!!!  I’m Referring to the Office Kind.

Michelle Everett

I hate politics!!! I’m referring to the office kind. I’ve worked in offices with four to 320 people…there are big differences. In a small office it can be hard to deal with the personalities because there is no place to hide. But in a larger office the politics can get complex and messy. Over the past several years I’ve come to believe there are certain tactics that you can employ to be able to survive and not have to blend into the woodwork to thrive.

Pay Attention: Specifically to personalities. If someone is mean and nasty to other co-workers behind their backs the chance is they’ll do the same to you. You know who to trust and who to avoid like the plague. Also this can help you determining the best method of how to approach them.

Be Easy Going: In dealing with the Anna Wintours of the world it’s best to take them with a grain of salt. Realize they’re probably miserable and seek to make the lives of those around them the same. How does this help the situation? Well it may not but taking everything personally will only make the problem and you feel worse. Also refer to point one if they hate shades of green you best not show them a palette of chartreuse…unless you have a death wish.

Have Integrity: There is no need to start being petty, malicious or conniving. Unless you want to end up lonely, generally disliked and ugly…ugly, if only the last were a byproduct of nastiness! Come on, the golden rule still rules. Look for Mentors: Find someone in your workplace whose work and skills you admire. Ask them for their opinion about design, business and even those who you have difficulty working with. You can learn a lot from others insights.

Be Vocal: If you have a preference of project types you want to work on let those in power know. Most of the time the powers that be want you to be happy. Again see point #1…this will help you determine how to discuss this topic. Learn from Experiences: I once worked with a designer who was horrible at business. He was always late at paying bills and would constantly rob Peter to pay Paul…so to speak. In the year I worked with him I learned everything not to do in business. There is always something you can take from situations.

Have Perspective: Time is short…work hard but have a life outside of work. Remember that life influences art.

If all else fails, you do everything you can and it’s still unbearable then quit. There is no amount of money, glory or medication that can make up for unhappiness. One should feel productive, satisfied and challenged with work…isn’t that why you got into design???

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