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Build Your Creative Network, Hollywood-Style

Build Your Creative Network, Hollywood-Style

Christina Lopez/ Monster


Whether you’re trying to land a job or make new art business contacts, networking can be one of your most fruitful strategies. And if there’s one industry in which people know the value of networking, it’s entertainment.

Although the entertainment industry has something others may not – like countless events offering opportunities for aspiring stars to schmooze with power players – you can learn a lot from this business in which workers have always depended on who they know.

According to Susan RoAne, author of How to Work a Room, The Secrets of Savvy Networking and What Do I Say Next?, those in the entertainment industry get networking right, because “they’ve integrated it into their life. Networking is not a work style; it’s a lifestyle.”

Take these cues from showbiz for integrating networking into your life.

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