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Projected Art and Design Earnings Guide

Projected Art and Design Earnings Guide

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You’ve heard that your base salary is largely determined by your art education level – but did you ever wonder exactly how much education matters? If you’ve got enough smarts and talent, it shouldn’t matter whether or not you have formal training – right?

Wrong. At least, it might not be so simple. As job scarcity continues to drive more competition to each open position, more employees with strong educational backgrounds are being hired. Because employees with formal training are increasingly preferred, the relationship between compensation and education is becoming even more prominent across different sectors of the economy.

Why Degrees Matter:

• Depending on industry and specialty, pay increase per degree will range from 10% – 82%

• Return on investment of tuition within 3 to 5 years

Many managerial jobs in art or design like Art Director, for example, require a 4-year college degree. Some, careers such as illustration, 3-d design, and fashion and interior designers do not require a bachelor’s or higher degree but the pay scale is increased by 30 to 40 percent for graduates of a four year degree. Graphic Designers, animators, and fine artists sometimes stop their education after receiving an Associate’s Degree. However continuing you education to a four year degree could bring a 10 to 20 percent increase in salary. If you are going back to art school you will have an advantage as you already have years of work experience.

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