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Get Rid of Negative Thoughts

Get Rid of Negative Thoughts

Dona DeZube/ Monster Career Advice

Can You Do It? Yes, You Can!

Can people really turn their job searches around just by reining in negative thoughts? “I had [as a client] a senior person in healthcare who was a solid, good guy who had a great wit [but] was a little bit pessimistic,” recalls Varelas. “He couldn’t see himself growing from this negative experience.”

“What we said was, ‘Picture every interview as your ideal job. After the interview, you can turn it down, but use the same kind of words. You’d be energized to go to work each day, so emphasize that you’re a high-energy person who’s energized to go to work,’” Varelas says. “His networking became much more positive, and he rose from middle management to senior executive.”

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