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Get Rid of Negative Thoughts

Get Rid of Negative Thoughts

Dona DeZube/ Monster Career Advice

So how can you sound happy when you’re really feeling the opposite? First, admit you have a problem. Tell yourself out loud that you have a tendency to be pessimistic and that you are going to look for the positive. “You don’t need to totally revise your personality, but you have to recognize that it’s not a lot of fun to be around someone who’s cranky and negative, and people have that choice when they hire,” Varelas says.

Next, set up reasonable daily goals, and reward yourself when you accomplish them. A reasonable goal might be making five personal contacts. The goal can’t be vague or too large, and certainly shouldn’t be, “I’m going to find a job today.”

Next, tell yourself that job hunting is a numbers game. “It’s a lot like being single,” says Jay Arthur, author of How to Motivate Everyone. “I know that somewhere out there, there’s a way cool job that’s right for me. I just haven’t found it yet. Part of it is knowing that a ‘no’ from someone is the universe keeping you from a bad job.”

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