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Did Your Art/Design Interview Go Wrong?

Did Your Art/Design Interview Go Wrong?

Ian Christie / Monster


You know the feeling: That moment in the interview when you realize the opportunity has passed you by. Or perhaps you think you’re interviewing well, but you aren’t getting any results. You need to figure out what you are doing wrong and fix it ASAP. But where do you start?

Third-party headhunters and recruitment agencies often provide invaluable feedback when they interview you or send you on interviews. But how do you determine how to improve your interviewing performance if you’re going it alone?

Start with the Foundation

To figure out where you’re going astray, ask yourself:

• Are you interviewing for the right jobs within the creative industry? Just because you’ve been chosen for an interview doesn’t mean you are a viable candidate.

• If you are indeed interviewing for the right kinds of jobs, how prepared have you been?

While these two points may seem obvious, they explain a large portion of poor performance in interviews.

Also, remember that you are being judged on different facets of your performance, such as:

• Your interviewing attire and manners.

• Your level of preparedness.

• The quality of your interview answers and how well they match the job requirements.

• Your delivery of answers, confidence and poise under pressure.

• The state of your professional portfolio.

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