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5 Tips for Working on a Creative Team

Steve Berman | ArtBistro

3. Speak Up

Could You Be a Successful Designer?

1. I draw (digitally included):

When solving a problem
Every day
When I feel like it

While you always need to be tactful and polite, you can do more damage at times with what you don’t say than with what you do. In any kind of creative team setting, contributions are expected from every single person. Sure, a manager might lead the discussion, but they won’t want to do all the work. Those who don’t contribute on a regular basis can seem apathetic, withdrawn or lazy, or give off the impression that they simply aren’t that creatively talented.

The key to making valued contributions is to prepare before the team starts working together. If there’s an upcoming meeting, jot down at least 5-10 ideas that you can pitch. Even if the person organizing the meeting didn’t request any ideas beforehand, the fact that you have well thought-out talking points will impress your manager and help gain the respect of your teammates.

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