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5 Tips for Working on a Creative Team

Steve Berman | ArtBistro

2. Be a Diplomat

If you’re in the opposite position, where you don’t agree with a teammate’s idea or artwork, brutal honesty is rarely the best policy. The last thing anyone needs is an enemy in the office. However, as a member of the team, the finished product has everybody’s name on it, not just the person who screwed things up.

When you need to speak up, do it in a way where it’s almost complimentary. Start out with the positive, and then pose a question about a change you’d like to make. Something like, “I love the color and design of the header here. Do you think that this area below would work better if the color were a little brighter?” Clearly that’s kind of a general example, but the key is to treat someone else the same way you’d like to be treated if the situations were reversed. Actually, that same basic principle is probably the most useful tactic in any situation requiring teamwork.

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