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20 Action Verbs to Kick Up Your Art Resume

20 Action Verbs to Kick Up Your Art Resume

Jessica Holbrook Hernandez | CareerRealism

Did you know you should have strong action verbs strategically placed throughout your resume? Well, now you do! Most importantly, you want them at the beginning of the majority of your bullet points and accomplishment-based statements. Please do yourself —and every hiring manager out there—a favor; do not start your sentences with: Responsible for…Worked with…or any other opening that lacks power and punch.

These really do nothing for your resume or experience except hurt it. Hiring managers are not exactly captivated by the phrases, ‘responsible for’ or ‘worked with’. They are just so boring and repetitive—and it’s because just about every job seeker out there uses them. Hiring managers want—need—words that jump off the page and captivate them. Here are a few examples of my favorite action words:

• Captivated

• Championed

• Directed

• Exceeded

• Pioneered

• Formulated

• Generated

• Intensified

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