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3 Myths About Creative Job Interviews

3 Myths About Creative Job Interviews

Charles Purdy, Monster+HotJobs senior editor

Myth 3: The most qualified person gets the job. No one believes this myth any more, right? As Couper says, “Less-qualified but more outgoing candidates may win over an interviewer’s heart.”

What you can do: If you’re on the shy side, practicing before an interview is key. Work with a close friend or relative until you’re comfortable with your interview answers. You never want to be stuck with a short, one-word answer—so prepare explanations and examples to discuss.

Also do some research about the interviewer beforehand: find her profile on LinkedIn for instance, or look for recent news about the company. Find a reason to compliment her (for a professional accomplishment) or her company’s success, to set the tone for a friendly interaction. And don’t forget to smile and make eye contact.

And finally, keep in mind that looks matter: you should be well groomed and dressed to impress. If you’re not sure how formal your attire should be, ask the human resources person you’ve been dealing with what’s typical. Alternatively, find someone inside the company to ask, or check out the About Us page on the company’s website. If the management team is pictured in dark suits, neckties, and so on, you’ll likely want to dress as formally as possible. If the CEO is pictured in a T-shirt, business-casual clothes are fine (you’ll rarely want to dress more casual than that).

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