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6 Suits That Don't Suck

6 Suits That Don't Suck

Kayla Baxter | ArtBistro

4: Your Shirt or Blouse

You’ve got a suit, but if you’re not comfortable with say, dying your hair pink, or buying new eyeglass frames, stay minimal on every other accessory and make your shirt the conversation piece. If your style is more classic, try a brightly colored, collared button-down shirt in an interesting pattern or structural design. If you’re more on the trendsetter side, play with volume, symmetry, and layers to craft your masterpiece look.

Because this one can stay on the safe side, we recommend pairing a fabulous, daring pair of shoes, too. Don’t neglect those feet!

5: Your Suit’s Buttons

If you’re not afraid of a sewing needle and some thread, new buttons on your coat can make an old suit feel fresh again. For a military-inspired look, try antique or gold buttons. For a more artsy feel, try all-white or one-color buttons.

Just please, be careful with this one. Don’t make your buttons all different colors or worse – plastic cartoon characters, bunnies, rabbits, etc. Don’t go there.

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