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6 Suits That Don't Suck

6 Suits That Don't Suck

Kayla Baxter | ArtBistro

2: Your Hair

Clean and well groomed is always the key to a hairstyle in the workplace, but as a creative, you have more than a little license to keep things fresh. Experiment with colors (natural and unnatural), drama, and asymmetrical lines in your hairstyle. If you’ve got dark hair, a solitary light streak can add drama without a huge change and vice versa, if you’ve got light hair, experiment with a dark streak. Maybe you’ve always wanted Bettie Page bangs and black hair, or a bright red bob – go for it!

As always, though, use your best judgment and common sense. If the company you’re applying to is known for hiring edgy, stylish people, showing up with a pink Mohawk and your classic black suit will go over more smoothly than if the office consists of 10 cookie-cutter people and they’re all wearing khakis – in which case, try using our eyewear or shoe style tips.

3: If the Shoe Fits…

Brightly colored or unusual shoes are a great option for jazzing up a suit. Instead of the traditional black or neutral shoe – go red. Go yellow. Wear fun sneakers (clean, of course – and gym shoes need not apply, even if they’re brand new). The more your shoe says, the better – it can even become a nice icebreaker as you’re getting to know your interviewer.

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