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6 Suits That Don't Suck

6 Suits That Don't Suck

Kayla Baxter | ArtBistro

The suit is to interviews what sliced bread is to sandwiches: the combination always works. But, as we know, traditional wisdom and the creative career world do not always mesh.

In a creative interview, being visually boring with your outfit choice is not going to get you noticed; however, your pink hair may bring the wrong type of attention.

As a creative, you’re expected to know what’s cool in fashion, art and culture; however, you’re also expected to play within the parameters of someone else’s vision.

Your interview outfit is an extension of your craft — it will tell a potential employer how culturally aware you are, as well as where you’ll fit in with the company’s culture.

So, where’s the middle ground? What says, “I’m professional, competent, decidedly unstuffy, and incredibly stylish?”

The following pages take on that exact challenge. We’ve taken a plain black interview suit that no company will look down on — the one likely gathering dust in your closet — and added a creative twist sure to make any interviewer sit up and take notice.

1: Eyewear

Eyeglass frames can make a big impact to anyone’s appearance. Hopefully, if you need glasses, you already have one pair that fits your face well and is an everyday basic, but consider buying a pair in a bright color such as green or red, or something with a unique shape that flatters your face, but keeps your coolness quotient up.

Choose your frames wisely – glasses that really pack a punch can turn any boring black interview suit – and candidate – into something really interesting.

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