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Avoid Being a Newb at Your New Design Job

Avoid Being a Newb at Your New Design Job

Elisha-Rio Apilado

“Hi, I’m new here. What’s the password to log onto the system again?”

So you’re a new graduate huh? Diving into a design career. Starting a new year without the annual trip to the store for notebooks and pens. You’re starting that new life with multiple copies of your resume in hand and a portfolio book full of all your hard work from the past 4 years in design/art school.

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You’ve signed up for job alerts from Monster and worked hard on your online portfolio. You’ve done your research on the design firms you’re interested in and have sent out your job inquiries and applications. You’ve caught the attention of art directors, had that first and second interview AND landed the job!

The first day of work is coming up next Monday…what now?

Starting a new job is nowhere similar to starting a new quarter (or semester) at school. You’re actually getting paid for your work, and now more than ever, those design skills you claimed to have need to shine. Instead of designing to show your unique creativity, you’re now designing under your company’s brand and contributing to their success in the industry. You aren’t competing with the other in-house designers (if any) because you all have the same mission. You got this job because you’re an entry-level designer, so there’s always room to learn, grow and show the design firm what you’re made of.

After a weekend of celebrating the new job acceptance, Monday comes along. It’s your first day as a professional graphic designer. Other than being on top of your game, design-wise, there are many other ways to start off the new job successfully. Just like how you researched the job responsibilities and company history/mission, getting involved with the way the workplace works further shows your interest in the job and is pivotal… if you want to keep it!

Here are some ways to start off your job the RIGHT way:

#1 Explore and keep discovering.
There’s always some downtime during a work day. When you find you have some time, keep up your research on the company or maybe a client. Look at past creatives that your co-workers have made. It can be very inspiring. Even though you’ve got the job and prepared for the interview by researching the company, there’s no reason to stop. Keep learning. The more you learn about the mission, the style and the branding, the better you’ll be at your job.

#2 Learn to talk the talk.
Offices have their own lingo. And the common office talk may seem like a foreign language; especially when you’re a new grad. Hint: A lot of words or phrases are just acronyms or abbreviations. Learning the lingo quickly will help you work faster. You wouldn’t want to be reading directions on a production sheet and have to waste time trying to figure out what “E.O.D.” (end of the day) means.

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