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5 Hot Careers for Artists Right Now

5 Hot Careers for Artists Right Now

Crystal Akins | ArtBistro

Wondering if you shouldn’t pursue a career in the arts because you’d rather not be a struggling artist? Don’t let this common belief derail you from your creative aspirations. Any artistic field can be competitive, but consider these new careers that will allow you to capitalize on your artistic abilities

Game Design

Don’t play games with your career — make games! Game design, much like web design, melds art and technology. In game design, you can create not only the animations and characters in the game, but also the logic and flow. Game mechanics, computer programming, and digital media production are all aspects you’ll learn in game design program. And games aren’t only for fun. Military agencies and corporations find games useful in training and simulation.

Graphic or Web Design

Careers in graphic or web design are particularly unique due to their interdisciplinary nature. Not only should you have a traditional art background, but you’ll also need technical skills to help bring your creations to life. Using computer software, such as Maya or Photoshop, you’ll paint or sculpt animated figures, backgrounds, or design logos for a variety of uses.

Put your artistic skills to use with careers as a matte painter, 3D animator, or texture artist. In these occupations you’ll be able to work on movies or help medical companies create lifelike images of the cardiovascular system and more.


Marketing and advertising firms will need a sharp eye that understands the conventions of art theory and design. In advertising, careers range from being a creative director to designing logos as a graphic designer. Your expertise will help companies develop creative for marketing purposes in print or online.

Those who are great conceptual thinkers can do well in the world of advertising. Other careers can include: copywriter, account executive, media buyer, and brand strategist.

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