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The Right Way to Transfer to the Creative Department

The Right Way to Transfer to the Creative Department

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This article was originally posted on the Monster Blog.

Making an internal move in a company is a great way to build your skills and explore new opportunities (or have a chance at doing something completely different — think creative!) with a community of colleagues who have inside knowledge about how you work. If you’re looking to make a career change to a more creative position, an internal transfer can be a great opportunity, as your potential new boss can get more of the story than your resume and cover letter may tell.

Why should companies encourage and nurture folks to make internal transfers? A number of reasons, including:

• Your proven track record at the company is even better than a professional reference. • It shows the company’s commitment to employees’ career development. • Retention, retention, retention.

Here are some things to keep in mind if you’re looking to make an internal transfer:

Tell Your Boss: Be as open as possible to your boss about your intentions. In such situations, your boss can be a great advocate for you. And even if your boss does not want to see you go, he will likely understand that your move could be good for the company. What’s more, since you would be moving internally, your boss and team can benefit from a more structured transition than if you were leaving the company altogether.

Be Professional: Sure, you may know the folks you are interviewing with, perhaps even outside the office, but that doesn’t mean you can forsake job search etiquette. Remember to be on time for interviews and to dress the part of interviewee. Write thank-you notes and go the extra mile, just as you would for an outside opportunity.

Update Your Resume: You can’t rely on performance reviews and your accomplishments to speak for themselves. You still need to sell yourself. So update your resume and be sure your prospective boss and HR have a copy on file.

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