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How to Become an ArtBistro Superstar!

How to Become an ArtBistro Superstar!

Christina Macres | ArtBistro

Finish Creating Your Profile:

The best way to represent yourself on ArtBistro is to actually represent yourself on ArtBistro. Get what we’re saying? Use your profile to show yourself off, as well as your work and your creativity. Let people know what you do, your goals, your career objectives, who you are and what you want from the community!


Check out all that the profile has to offer and make sure to:

1. Download a pic/avatar!

2. Join a couple related groups!

3. Fill out your work experience, as well as, your education and past experience! Interested in freelancing? Add it. Love to Picasso? Add it! You never know who else might share your passions.

4. Give people a reason to contact you! Give industry professionals and art licensers a reason to hire you or recommend job openings.

The more you engage with the community, the more it will engage with you!

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