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How to Become an ArtBistro Superstar!

How to Become an ArtBistro Superstar!

Christina Macres | ArtBistro

Q: Speaking of the Leaderboard, how do you get on it?

Great question!

Every time you submit something on ArtBistro you get points. The more points you have, the more exposure, via the Leaderboard and our on-site feeds, you gain. More exposure equals more networking connections and that can mean more creative job opportunities, inspiration, and industry contacts!


Here are some ways to engage with the community, show-off your awesome skills, share something poignant or funny and interact with people who share your interests.

Post Your Portfolio: If you’re an artist, you know it’s important to get your work seen. Why not use ArtBistro as your virtual gallery?


Just create an portfolio by clicking the “Portfolio” tab, then the “Create an Album” link. Then submit your portfolio for selection in our monthly gallery. Your work may be selected and featured all over ArtBistro! To see past portfolios, go here.

Have an eye for great art? You can help us curate our monthly galleries! Send us an email at and tell us how your experience would make you a great ArtBistro curator.

Post a Video: So many tutorials, artistic inspiration, remarkable artwork and career advice videos are created every day.


Find something you like? Let the community know by uploading it with your comments. Inspire, create, and post!

To upload a video, go to the “Video” tab, then click on the yellow “Submit a Video” button on the right side. Embed the link, add a description and a snazzy title and you’re all set.

Post a Discussion: So let’s say that you just saw an awe-inspiring gallery exhibit, or want to know the best graphic design firm hiring right now or how to use Illustrator… ask your friends at ArtBistro!


The discussion boards are a great place to ask the community and get honest feedback from real people who are working or aspiring creative professionals.

To post a discussion, go to the Discussions tab and click the yellow “Start New Forum Topic” button. And while you’re there, check out what other people are saying, post a comment and share your advice or praise!

Post a poll: Feeling particularly marketer-like?


Gather some info! Our polls are designed to gussy up any discussion and help you gather the information you desire. Post a question and a couple result scenarios and watch as your fellow artists weigh in.

To post a poll, go to the Discussions tab, then click on the yellow “Start New Forum Topic” just like you were going to post a discussion. Next, click on the “Add Poll” button.

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