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How to Become an ArtBistro Superstar!

How to Become an ArtBistro Superstar!

Christina Macres | ArtBistro

Q: What other cool features does the leaderboard have to offer?

Leaderboard (found under the Network tab) is a great way to see who’s active in the community, view art, get inspired and get to know fellow artists. These people are huge components of the community and also very knowledgeable about careers in the arts. So what are you waiting for? Private message them or write your questions on their wall.


Track Recent Activity: There are a lot of ways to check out what other creatives are doing on ArtBIstro (like the Recent Activity Feed on the ArtBistro Home page, for example) – and the Leaderboard is another great tool. Just click on a name and you’ll be sent to a profile with updates, portfolios, quiz scores, discussion comments and much more.

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