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5 Foods to Eat Before Your Interview

5 Foods to Eat Before Your Interview

Nina Kim | ArtBistro

Low-Fat Yogurt and Mixed Nuts

There’s a fine line between being super pumped for your interview and being a twitchy, anxious mess. Coffee may be your liquid energy, but yogurt can be your goopy courage. How so?

In a Slovakian study, scientists gave subjects either a placebo or three grams each of two amino acids — lysine and arginine. The researchers then asked them to deliver a speech and found that according to blood measurements of stress hormones, the amino acid subjects were half as anxious during and after the speech than the placebo subjects.

Yogurt is considered the best food source of lysine, and nuts are packed with arginine, so stock up! A great combination would be putting nuts in your yogurt — consider almonds or walnuts mixed into vanilla or plain yogurt. Fruity yogurts work too!

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