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5 Foods to Eat Before Your Interview

5 Foods to Eat Before Your Interview

Nina Kim | ArtBistro

Your brain needs a healthy supply of essential fatty acids, or omega-3 fatty acids, for it to function optimally. These fats are the primary building block for brain tissue and help you stay focused, supply oxygen to the brain, protect brain cell membranes, and decrease your chances of dementia, Alzheimer’s, stroke, and other brain illnesses later in your life.

You can only get these fatty acids from food because your body doesn’t produce them naturally. So stock up on fish (especially wild salmon), nuts (especially walnuts), olive oil, avocados, and seeds (especially flax seed). Flax is also the best source of alphalinoleic, a healthy fat that enhances the performance of the cerebral cortex — where your brain processes sensory information.

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