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5 Ways to Get Great Art Resume References

Jeff Hindenach | ArtBistro

Cultivate Your Contacts

Don’t let the initial contact be the only correspondence between you and your desired references. One face-to-face meeting and an email don’t give them enough material to recommend you to a future employer. Make sure you are emailing or calling your contacts at least once a month. It will keep you fresh in their minds, and hopefully spark some discussions that will give them a better idea of your skills and who you are as an artist.

Tips: Not sure when is a good time to contact your desired references? Try when you’ve accomplished something substantial – landed an exhibition, or created an online portfolio you’d like their feedback on. And bonus points if you can work in how their advice helped you achieve your goal, such as “Thanks for the advice you gave me, it helped me better my online portfolio which has given me more oppurtunities to license my art.” This will also give them specific examples to pass along to future employers.

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