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5 Ways to Get Great Art Resume References

Jeff Hindenach | ArtBistro

Choose a Few Mentors

Once you’ve made contact with your desired references, it’s time to give them a reason to recommend you. Beyond the benefit of being linked to these names, these people are a goldmine of information about your field. Ask them to mentor you, to give you advice on your career and how you can get ahead. This will not only link you to them, but also showcase your ambition and eagerness to grow as an artist and creative professional.

Tips: Make it all about them. Just by asking them to be your mentor, you are stroking their ego. Pinpoint skills that you know they have a wealth of knowledge in and ask specific questions about those. It’s all about making them feel important and connected to you. If they are invested in you, they will be more likely to help advance your career.

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