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Graphic Design Resume Keywords

Graphic Design Resume Keywords

Steve Berman | ArtBistro

Graphic Designers looking for work may be tempted to pay less attention to their resumes, figuring it’s their portfolio that will actually land them the job.

Not so fast.

While a solid portfolio is a must, you’d be naïve to expect hiring managers to even get to yours. There just isn’t enough time in their day to look at every portfolio they receive.

Instead, they use resumes to weed out undesirable applicants before looking through their portfolios, conducting a phone screen, or bringing someone in for a face-to-face interview.

But they don’t read every resume, either. Instead, automated scanners pick up on keywords to narrow down the pool to the most suitable applicants.

What keywords should you focus on to get the graphic design position you want?

We’ll break down your resume by category and tell you what to put where for optimal results!

Objective: Avoid vague statements like, “I’m looking for a position in the world of art where my creative talents can be utilized in a challenging environment.”

You can’t assume the resume scanner will know you want to be a graphic designer just because that’s the job you applied for. Mention specifically the position you want, your goals, and one or two ways you can help a prospective employer.

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