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Include Friends in Your Creative Job Hunt

Include Friends in Your Creative Job Hunt

Christina Macres

Mention being out of work to a friend and they’ll be the first to emphasize that you do have a full-time job — looking for a job, that is. And they’re right. Looking for a new job can be just as time consuming as working nine to five. But there is one major difference and that’s making the transition from working with coworkers and bosses to going it alone. This can leave even the most productive people unable to resist staying in their pajamas until noon or wasting the day surfing the web for viral videos and celebrity gossip.

Don’t let this happen to you!

The solution? Instead of going it alone, enlist a gaggle of friends to be your job seeker posse. And no, this doesn’t mean you now have a bunch of people in charge of finding you a new career while you play golf or take up a new hobby. Nor does it imply that they’ll be responsible for maintaining your intense TV-watching schedule. Instead, think of this group as the motivating force behind getting your dream graphic design position or securing that great photography gig. Pick friends you feel will help you get through the process and come out ahead, just by doing what friends do best — being there.

What do you need to do? Know how to manage your new team. Here are a few ways to integrate your pals into getting your next creative job.

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