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Top Paying States for Artists and Designers


Film and Video Editors

                                                              Hourly           Annual
                                                                Wage            Wage             (Mean Salary 2009)

1. District of Columbia   $35.01   $72,800    (last year’s rank: 3)
2. California                    $31.67   $65,900    (last year’s rank: 2)
3. New York                    $30.34   $63,100    (last year’s rank: 1)
4. Massachusetts             $28.51   $59,300    (last year’s rank: n/a)
5. Colorado                     $26.55   $55,200    (last year’s rank: n/a)
6. Illinois                         $25.68   $53,400    (last year’s rank: n/a)
7. Oregon                        $25.29   $52,600    (last year’s rank: 8)
8. Louisiana                    $25.11   $52,200    (last year’s rank: n/a)
9. Michigan                     $23.16   $48,200    (last year’s rank: n/a)
10. Georgia                      $23.15   $48,200    (last year’s rank: 6)

Worst: Mississippi (#43) $10.98, $22,800. Seven states did not publicly release wage data for this industry occupation.

Dropped Out of Top Ten: Connecticut (last year’s rank: 4, this year: 34), Nevada (last year’s rank: 5, this year: 16), New Jersey (last year’s rank: 7, this year: 12), Rhode Island (last year’s rank: 9, this year: did not release data), Tennessee (last year’s rank: 10, this year: 18)

Wages & Employment Trends:
National Median wages (2009): $24.42 hourly, $50,790 annual
Employment (2008): 26,000 total U.S. employees
Projected growth (2008-2018): Average (7% to 13%)

Job Outlook and Key Points:

Everybody wants to be in the movies and an increasingly popular way to get in to the exclusive club is through the technology side door. As a result, expect heavy competition for jobs on the digital/technical skill side of film and video editing. The overall number of jobs for these careers, however, is not expected to grow at a higher rate than any other type.

Like other artistic jobs where experience trumps degrees, film and video editors with advanced technical skills tend to get ahead. This is good for people marketing themselves based on their experience.

While the market for professional web videos is expected to grow, much of the editing and management in TV and web productions will be condensed into old roles, negatively affecting the number of opportunities for new hires. As a result, new editors need to be motivated and find highly creative ways to break through.

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