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15 Things an Artist Should Never Say

Valerie Atkisson | ArtBistro

#9 “Never indulge in self-depreciating comments”

If someone asks you about your work say something that will interest them and invite more questions. Do not say anything negative or incredibly boring about your work or career.

#8 Never “dis” the competition.

It’s a very small world and you just never know. Do your best to be gracious and have something good to say about your fellow artists. Having said that, if your opinion is called for, be honest about what you see in the work.

#7 “I’m too old”

Matisse made art work into his 90’s even while sight impaired.

#6 “I’m too busy to go out and network.”

You can only say this phrase if you are rich and famous. If you are not, how else are you going to get there? Like it or not, networking is your job.

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