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15 Things an Artist Should Never Say

Valerie Atkisson | ArtBistro

Being a successful artist takes hard work, patience and good networking skills. It is not enough to simply have talent. Your success will magnified by your ability to socialize, reach business goals, and manage projects. Does that sound a little overwhelming? Here are some tips that you can take one at a time. Let’s start with what an artist should never say…

#15 “I can’t do that”

Say a friend wants to commission you. They propose a work of art that is not your typical style or medium. The last thing you want to do is to flat out refuse them.

You have some options:
• Learn what ever skill you lack to do the piece.
• Take the opportunity to educate them about your work to see if they might want something closer to what you do (but don’t be dogmatic).
• Hire someone to fabricate what you can’t.
• Propose another work of art that will satisfy everyone.

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