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Resume Dilemma: Recent Art School Grad

Resume Dilemma: Recent Art School Grad

Kim Isaacs/Monster Contributing Writer


You’ve spent four years or more building your artistic knowledge and perhaps even earned a high GPA. So why aren’t employers clamoring for your graphic design, illustration or fine art services? The problem you and other new graduates face is that hiring managers are more interested in what you can do for them than what you did in art school. So use your resume to convince employers that your academic success is transferable to the workplace.

What’s Your Goal?

It’s important for recent grads to provide a targeted objective statement. The objective can be stated in a formal objective section or referenced in a qualifications summary. Whichever approach you choose, avoid flowery or generalized objectives that are too commonly used by new graduates. For example:

Bad: Seeking a challenging position with a progressive company that will offer opportunity for growth and advancement.

Good: Honors graduate of ABC College’s Graphic Design program seeking a position in web design. Offer hands-on experience in classroom teaching, corporate training and web-based research.

If you have more than one possible career objective, develop variations of your resume, each one targeted to a different goal.

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