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Your Guide to Freelancing Success

Grant Friedman

Freelancing is More Than Just Designing


When you work for an agency, the workload is usually divided amongst several people, but freelancers have to do it all. That means that you will have to be more than just a designer; you will also have to be a salesman, a book keeper, and a project manager. This can be a tough pill to swallow for many freelancers who just want to design.


Are You Ready to Freelance?

1. So have you freelanced before?

Not really
Yes, I have

Hopefully this article has provided you with some useful information regarding whether or not to freelance right after design school. Some of you might not have that choice. In fact, freelancing might be the only choice for some of you, given the state of the economy. But for those of you lucky enough to have options, you might want to consider working for an agency in the beginning to gain experience and build your portfolio. After you’ve built some credibility and experience in the industry then freelancing might be a good fit. For those of you who have already made the choice, good luck!

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