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Your Guide to Freelancing Success

Grant Friedman

The Cons

Now before you go jumping head first into the freelance life-style you should also be aware that freelancing also has several disadvantages. The one thing that you won’t learn in design school is how to run a business. In fact, most graduates are clueless as to how to run a business. So before you make your decision consider the following disadvantages.

Freelancers Never Know Where Their Next Paycheck is Coming From


This is probably the hardest part of freelancing. Designers who work for agencies can feel modestly secure that their paychecks will show up on-time, but freelancers do not have that luxury. If work is slow one month, then you might struggle to pay the bills.

Sometimes Clients Don’t Pay On-Time


In a perfect world your clients would pay up as soon as the work is finished; or better yet before you even begin. But unfortunately, some clients have 30-60 day billing cycles, have cash flow problems, and in some circumstances can just be dishonest. This means that you will have to track down your clients from time-to-time and convince them that they need to pay up. When you work for an agency, there will be some one else there to handle this but freelancers, unfortunately, must do this on their own.

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