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Get the Most Bang out of Your Marketing Campaign

Get the Most Bang out of Your Marketing Campaign

David Langton

To maximize your marketing and communications campaigns you need to deliver your messaging in three methods. They are: on-site, in print, and on-line. Repeat messaging in a consistent and distinctive presentation will ensure that your campaign breaks through the clutter. In today’s multimedia-saturated culture we have more tools at our disposal than ever before – and because of this more messages are competing for our attention.

One way to remember the methods of marketing is to think of the childhood game “Rock, Paper, Scissors.” The rock can represent on-site physical promotions like exhibits, signs, kiosks; the paper represents print in the form of brochures, newsletters, books; and the scissors represent on-line and cutting edge new media approaches like e-mail marketing, YouTube videos, interactive games, etc.

There are strengths and weaknesses to each marketing approach. On-site materials are expensive to produce, take time to set-up and take up space. Yet they are compelling, live and demand your attention. Signs, posters and displays confront people and are harder to dismiss unlike junk emails.

Print materials may seem old school and even wasteful in our “green” economy, but the written word carries a weight that on-line text still lacks. The Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, and the Bible gained legitimacy in print and are still circulated in print today even though they are also available online. You can read on paper 20% faster than you can on screen.

On-line and new media services are popular for fast delivery directly to users’ desktops. By eliminating printing, postage and distribution there are incredible savings, yet online work requires the user to click and seek out content. Users are bombarded with volumes of on-line content; so breaking through with a new promotion is very difficult.

The most successful campaigns utilize components that may be delivered in multiple platforms. By communicating through all three modes you increase the effectiveness of your message.

How much to spend in each category should be analyzed based on the individual needs of each promotion, its audience and its goals. After all, the rock beats the scissors, the paper beats the rock, and the scissors beat the paper…

David Langton is a principal at Langton Cherubino Group, a strategic design and interactive agency in New York City. Play Rock, Paper, Scissors here

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