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How to Get Commercial Gallery Representation

How to Get Commercial Gallery Representation

"4 Friends" group show at Shafrazi: Haring, Scharf, Chelsea art gallery crawl 10-25-07, by j-No, Creative Commons

Valerie Atkisson / ArtBistro

1. Invite several artist or artist professionals who have not seen your work before for studio visits. These should be people who you see as in the next step of your career.

2. Organize a show or open studio for your network. Many things in the art world happen because of returning favors. If you include a friend in a show they may include you. If you recommend a friend to a curator, a friend may recommend you. Realize that you are all in this together and helping each other can only be positive in the long run.

3. Constantly include more artists and art professionals into your network so it remains fresh.


If you implement the suggestions above you will see much success in you creative career. Take the opportunities offered to you. Make the most of them and also create opportunities for yourself and other artists. These actions will put you on the path to success. Do you need some other ideas of how to make money as an artist? See our guide below.

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