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How to Get Commercial Gallery Representation

How to Get Commercial Gallery Representation

"4 Friends" group show at Shafrazi: Haring, Scharf, Chelsea art gallery crawl 10-25-07, by j-No, Creative Commons

Valerie Atkisson / ArtBistro

What Not to Do

Sending a gallery an unsolicited packet of your portfolio and resume is not very effective. Many galleries do not look at the work. It is best to make personal contact as mentioned above and invite the curator or someone on the gallery staff to make a studio visit.

You should never berate or get angry with a dealer for not taking you on as an artist. This could only have a negative outcome. Be gracious for their time. Have back up plans and ask the dealer for recommendations. If they give you a recommendation follow up on it.

Maintaining Your Professional Network

You know the Verizon commercials with the cell phone network that is a huge group of people? Envision that commercial when you visualize what your network should be like. Professional networking and portfolio sites like ArtBistro can be very helpful in keeping your portfolio fresh. ArtBistro also make it easy for your to update your professional network of your new work. You can spend a lot of time creating your network online and by attending art events. You must keep motivated to do so. But what do you do after some time if you have not reached your goal and your network becomes stagnant? There are a few things you can try:

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