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How to Get Commercial Gallery Representation

How to Get Commercial Gallery Representation

"4 Friends" group show at Shafrazi: Haring, Scharf, Chelsea art gallery crawl 10-25-07, by j-No, Creative Commons

Valerie Atkisson / ArtBistro

3. Take a survival course. Two to consider: Artists Space offers an amazing series of workshops. And the Bronx Museum of the Arts’ “Artists in the Market Place” is a remarkable program that I’ve seen change everything for some of its alumni.

4. Get involved in another way in the meanwhile. The best advice I ever got before I opened my gallery was “You MUST get in the game.” So much of getting the career you want is being aware of the opportunities. Being involved in the art world (in any capacity) greatly increases your chances of hearing about those opportunities. So organize an exhibition, write reviews, work for an art handler, work for a museum, heck…work for a gallery, teach, join an artists’ critique group, start an artist critique group, go to salons, go to lectures, go to openings. Be out there, be seen, be heard, look, hear…etc.”

Not Seeking New York City Representation?

If you do not live in New York City or close to a large art market in another part of the country it maybe best to focus your efforts locally. The same steps as stated above apply, but you will need to do some research to find the non-profit galleries in your area,and creating your own critique group. Building your network of artists and art professionals is the most overlooked asset that you can build into your career.

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