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Creative Exposure: Photography Lighting and Perspective

Elisha-Rio Apilado

This photography class has been challenging throughout the quarter. I’ve been learning how to communicate a message or emotion in a photograph with the use of lighting, perspective, and small tricks done by adjusting the settings on the camera to create a creative exposure. The hardest part of the projects is finding the time to shoot, especially during the winter time where the cold and snow can sometimes stall you from proceeding with your ideas, but I’ve managed to accomplish them.

I’ve also been gaining some knowledge about digitally enhancing a photograph in Photoshop -manipulating with colors, levels, curves and using tools such as dodge and burn.

Abiding by the “Rule of Thirds” when cropping photos is especially held of high importance with my professor. Centering is a no-no.

There’s so many steps to go through with photography from setting up the scene or looking for one, shooting it, transferring it onto the computer, manipulating it to your own creative piece, and then sending it off to print professionally -all that time is worth it in the end.




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