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Best Practices for Selling Art Online

Best Practices for Selling Art Online

Valerie Atkisson / ArtBistro

More artists are selling their work online. Have you ever thought of just making some art that people might like to buy (the kind you mother wishes you would make) and sell it on Ebay? Who knows it could be a lucrative second career! Or perhaps you just love to photograph or paint anything and everything and you are are talented. People like your work. Well, why not sell it on the web?


Any commission from an online website is determined by the Terms of Use contract that you agreed to. Different sites charge a different percentage of a commission. Anywhere between 1-5% is normal; 10% is on the high end. Other sites charge a membership fee to cover their overhead. The reason that their commission is not as much as a gallery in Chelsea is that online galleries’ overhead is much less and they do not promote your work as much as a gallery who represents you.

Is it Original?

Some “art” that is sold online is not “original” by the traditional sense. Instead of buying canvass and painting on it, some artists print images of their paintings on canvass. If this process involves numbering the work as prints, it could eventually have value but not as much as one original painting. Some artists choose to sell work this way to make ends meet. The people who buy it are not concerned with authenticity, they just like it and want it.

Promote Your Work

ArtBistro is not set up for retail sales of art from artists, however as a portfolio site you can certainly use our space to sell you work. You may want to put prices on your work or state in your profile that works are for sale. Also it should be said to contact the artists directly for sales. The buyer will have to contact you directly for all sale and shipping arrangements. This is a common practice on ArtBistro.

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