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Job Profile: Costume Designer


Costume designers are responsible for the costumes needed for theatrical productions. They assess the condition of what’s available, and then select, procure, fit, alter and clean costumes for cast members.

This job involves being a bit of an historian, because costume designers spend many hours reviewing fashions of historical periods and characters to be portrayed.

They also review scripts and study books, pictures and examples of costumes as well as determine how many costumes are needed for each character.

Tracking inventory is also very important for this occupation. Costume designers deal with hundreds of costumes for some productions, so keeping track of all the outfits is no small chore.


One of the chief skills needed to be a good costume designer is the ability to make creative alterations to costumes to help create the characters. Imagination and attention to detail are both must-haves.

There are some skills that may not be immediately evident but quite necessary for this line of work: the ability to do independent research, good communication skills and an emphasis on customer service.


  • Although some costume designers study at art and design schools, many break into the industry as assistants or volunteers and then work their way up.


  • Outlook information is not available for this field.


  • Clothing designer
  • Fashion designer
  • Set designer
  • Tailor

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