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Step Nine: Follow Up and Do Not Give Up

Step Nine: Follow Up and Do Not Give Up

Valerie Atkisson | ArtBistro

Your first few studio visits will be hard, not to mention emotionally draining. That’s okay. Artists are emotional people, but don’t take your first few visits personally. Be prepared to not hear from clients, and brace yourself for harsh criticism. It’s all part of the learning process. The important thing is you keep trying. Don’t loose hope!

The more you have studio visits, the easier it will get. Look at them as a learning experience, a way for you to sharpen you verbal communication skills and show off your work.

Follow Up

When you don’t hear from visitors, don’t let the connection die there! Follow up with the visitor within a couple of days unless they have specifically told you not to contact them. Email them, call them, or send them a thank you note. (But don’t do all three!) Stalking is never appreciated.

Don’t be afraid to ask for feedback, especially when the visitor doesn’t think you’re a good fit for their gallery. Asking them for quality feedback doesn’t just help you be a better artist, it shows your client that you are invested in your work. At any rate, they’ll be more interested in keeping in touch with an open-minded artist, rather than one who refuses to change.

And even if you didn’t get the desired result, ask the visitor if they know of any shows or galleries that would fit with your work. Use the information that they give you. Keep networking and following up with your contacts!

The majority of gallery or show slots are filled by recommendation so don’t give up! However, if you did get the desired result, congratulations! It is time to celebrate!

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