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Step Five: Choose an Art School

Step Five: Choose an Art School

Valerie Atkisson | ArtBistro

There is no perfect art school.

What you have to do is to find one that matches your priorities. The factors to consider are:

• Location • Cost • Reputation • Strengths of the program • Teachers • Facilities

Evaluate the Schools

Try to determine if the school can improve your strengths and your weaknesses that you have determined in Step 4. You will probably want to visit schools before and/or after you have applied and been accepted to be determine which ones most closely fit your priorities.

When you visit, consider the curriculum and programs offered, especially if you’re looking to major in a specific media. Research the professors too! Going to art school isn’t just about the training and education, it’s about making real connections with artists like yourselves, and that includes your professors.

Art School or University?

There is also a decision to be made about art schools vs. universities. In many ways these are similar institutions. The main difference is that art schools will typically focus the general education requirements around art. This can be good if you have determined that you want a specialized education. Typically the level of academia for your general education will be better at a university or liberal arts college. This may be a better approach for students who want a strong higher education with their art degree.

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