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Step One: Recognize Your Abilities

Step One: Recognize Your Abilities

Valerie Atkisson | ArtBistro

You’ve got talent!

The first step to becoming an artist is admitting your talent to yourself. It can happen in any form. From drawing, to painting, to sculpting, etc.

Are you a natural at drawing realistic images? Or do you have a knack for creating fantastic pictures from your imagination? If you’re unsure about your artistic abilities, think about your childhood. Most likely, you were gifted when it came to art class, and probably took extra extracurricular art courses (and aced them too!). You are a visual person — that’s how you learn. Plus, you have great ideas about how to communicate something visually.

What kind of art material do you love? Paint, charcoal, pencils… all of them? You feel great when you get something down the way you want it. Basically, you’ve got all the makings of an artist, you just make it a reality! And you’ve probably danced around the idea of having a career as an artist.

Recognize your Strengths

Once you’ve acknowledged your natural creative talents, the next step is to recognize your art form of preference. Is your strength with observational drawing? Color? Telling stories visually? Creating three-dimensional objects? Do you have a preferred media or do you like a variety of media? Make a list of your strengths and ask your friends, family, and teachers what they think your strengths are.

Think Again: Artist or Designer?

Think about whether you enjoy executing your own ideas (artist!) or succeeding others’ expectations for their ideas (designer!). When you’re starting out, it’s easy to blur the line between these two creative careers. Make sure you identify what you want out of your career. Remember, there’s no wrong answer!

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