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Job Description:

Printmaking is an art which involves the transferring of an image from one surface (such as an inked plate) to another (such as paper, fabric, metal or wood). The art finds its strength in its artistic value and its ability to be replicated, contributing greatly to the definition of world cultures. One will find alternative printmaking techniques as diverse as Indian, Asian, European, and American cultures. With each, a style has manifested itself over time, becoming a sort of artistic tradition for the people.

Median Salary:


Education Requirements:

Students can earn a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) and can continue on to receive their Master of Fine Arts (MFA), which is considered the highest degree for studying the fine arts. Many students who earn their MFA go on to teach college level courses. Students learn techniques in woodcarving, screen-printing, and lithography, among other forms of printmaking, together with related photographic, reproductive and digital printmaking techniques.

Job Outlook:

Despite the competition, studios, galleries, and individual clients are always on the lookout for artists who display outstanding talent, creativity, and style. Among craft and fine artists, talented individuals who have developed a mastery of artistic techniques and skills will have the best job prospects.

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