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Job Description:

Drawing is a basic technique that very often is the first artistic skill to be developed by people in their lifetimes. As such, it is often considered to be the foundation of an artist’s ability, and those who choose to further develop their talent may end up in any number of artistic or technical fields. The most common mediums can include pencil, charcoal, ink, etching and pastels.

Median Salary:


Education Requirements:

One who majors in drawing is essentially a fine arts major, and can expect to work toward a deeper understanding of visual languages, as well as develop drawing skills that would be essential for their specialty. The field has significant overlap with many other artistic fields, including Illustration, Design, Drafting, Animation, Calligraphy, Cartooning, and Visual Communication. Careers in drawing can include architecture, graphic design, commercial art, medical illustration, film animation and more.

Job Outlook:

Employment of artists is projected to grow faster than average. Competition for jobs is expected to be keen for both salaried and freelance jobs in all specialties because the number of people with creative ability and an interest in this career is expected to continue to exceed the number of available openings. Despite the competition, employers and individual clients are always on the lookout for talented and creative artists.

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