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Multimedia Artist

Multimedia Artist


Job Description

Media is a way of conveying information, and multimedia is the full range of methods in which such information is transferred. The most common are text, audio, video, and Internet, and professionals frequently combine media mediums in their work. A successful Internet and booming technology has caused the making and exchanging of information to be more profitable then ever before, and Multimedia professionals work to create compelling presentations and sales pieces, drive traffic to websites, put catalogs on CDs, or develop novelty business cards.

Median Salary


Education Requirements

Multimedia is extremely popular in the area of education currently, and degrees range from an Associate’s to a Master’s, including courses in media literacy, technology, and communications, as well as the arts. There will likely be significant overlap with fields such as Advertising, Art Direction, CAD, Commercial Art, Desktop Publishing, Film/Video, Graphic Design, Illustration, Interactive Media, etc.

Job Outlook

Demand for multimedia artists and animators will increase as consumers continue to demand more realistic video games, movie and television special effects, and 3D animated movies. Additional job openings will arise from an increasing demand for Web site development and for computer graphics adaptation from the growing number of mobile technologies.

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