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Web Designer

Web Designer


Job Description

The world is conveniently compacted into a new existence within cyberspace. Communication of information was positively impacted with the advent of the World Wide Web. With this newfound communication comes a desire to expand especially with various businesses. It is necessary to locate qualified individuals who are adequately acquainted with the inter-workings of these intricate systems. Businesses need artists who can advertise over the Internet.

Median Salary


Education Requirements

The training given with a Bachelor’s degree in design will prepare you well for this career. With an education in the principles of design, advertising, and basic computer skills, you can get in on this up-and-coming field. Additionally, the Internet is famous for the concept of free information; therefore, there are a number of instructional sites that will assist the beginner in getting started.

Job Outlook

The World Wide Web is expanding at about 7 million new web sites a year. Designing a successful Website is the first step toward reaching potential viewers and customers. Businesses want their Website to reflect their personality, their services, and unique ideas. They want to keep abreast of cutting edge technology, and this requires training in Web Site Design. All of this makes for a fast growing field with unlimited potential and comfortable salaries.

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