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Step Nine: Follow Up

Step Nine: Follow Up

Valerie Atkisson | ArtBistro

Practice Gives You Experience

Interviewing gets easier the more you do. Look at them as learning experiences and opportunities to sharpen your verbal communication skills.

Follow Up

Follow up with your contact within a couple of days, unless they have specifically told you not to contact them. Again, express your interest in the job and thank them for their time. You may do this via a mailed note, email, or phone call. If you didn’t get the desired result, you may want to ask the interviewer if they know of any career opportunities that would fit with your work.

Use the information that they give you and keep networking and following up with your contacts. Over 90% of jobs are filled by using your network. Don’t give up! If you did get the job, congratulations! It is time to celebrate!

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