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Apply The Tipping Point to Your Marketing Plan

Apply The Tipping Point to Your Marketing Plan

Ralinda Harvey

“The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell discusses that moment….that element…. that one thing that tips the scale and takes something from being virtually unknown to becoming the talk of the town. Word of mouth from a marketing perspective is the essence of the “buzz” factor and gives product a credibility money can’t buy.

One group of importance that typically leads these cult phenomenons, Gladwell describes as the “influencers.” The influencers are people that speak with authority (whether they really have any or not), love to know everything and generally speaking…just enjoy talking. We all know someone like that…and if you don’t believe you know someone like that you are probably the someone like that other people know.

The big mouth excuse me…influencer in my life is my best friend….I’ll call her “Jane,” to protect her privacy although her name is Jill. Anyways, “Jane,” takes the utmost pride in knowing things…..anything…everything. People like her are a niche marketers dream because they are passionate…full of energy and don’t require a dime of your marketing budget. Educating the rest of the unwitting world on the greatest boutique or hot new designer is payment enough. If “Jane,” loves something she spreads the word quicker than wildfire…and with an evangelistic flair that’s convincing enough to sell heat lamps in the desert.

I have to warn you not to get “influencers,” confused with the simple “early adopter.” Early adopters are trendsetters but not necessarily the most forthcoming individuals. Simple early adopters are like the people who when you ask them where they get something from…it’s always “a gift.” They take little pride in spreading the word. These people are good in other ways but are not quite as valuable as the infulencers.

In niche marketing the trick is to get your hands on the" Janes" of the world.. If they love it…. they can help build the integrity of your brand faster than an ad in Lucky or a Billboard on Sunset Blvd. If you are ready to start an epidemic with your speciality brand put yourself on the influencers radar.

You may ask where you can find these folks? Well you may find them ranting on their blog or someone elses……. pictured in the friends section in 1 out of 5 myspace pages or working the room at an high profile event. They are out there but you have to seek them out. The point is don’t be afraid to do the little things to reach out to the influencers for your market. Niche brands don’t have to harass magazine editors for product placement or spin their wheels trying to dress someone thats shot by the paparazzi….or even beating up the paparazzi for that matter.

Why not start with the little people with big mouths….its a longer ride but their words are just strong enough to carry you to “the tipping point.”

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