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A Boost for your Online Boutique...

A Boost for your Online Boutique...

Ralinda Harvey

If you’re really looking to boost the sales in your online store ask your web designer about web analytics. Not now….but right now!

Analyzing your site can make a world….yes…yes…a WORLD of difference in your sales and conversion rates (the number of viewers that become buyers).

There’s a lot you can learn from your web analytics but If I had an online boutique I would start by learning my conversion rate. Here’s how you do it…..

Let’s assume that you have a decent number of visitors coming to your site. Decent is relative— depending on the product you sell… so if you’re a small boutique and you have 100 visitors per day take a second to be happy with that.

Within that second you want to find out how many of your viewers are actually buying, to calculate your conversion rate.

Take the # of visitors and divide it by the number of buyers.

It goes like this: 3 buyers/100 visitors= 3% conversion rate

Most apparel companies hover around 3% conversion, which is commonly known as the industry standard. Find your number. Oh, and make sure you look at your “unique visitors,” and don’t look at your “hits.” This is a common mistake as hits are how many times someone clicks anywhere on your site so one person may account for 50 hits. If you want a true number of how many individuals are coming to your site ask your web designer to give you your"unique visitors," number.

Converting your existing visitors to buyers thus raising your conversion rate can happen a lot quicker and is way more cost effective than marketing to find new customers. You still want to find new visitors but starting with your exsiting customers is the best strategy.

So…now that your know your conversion rate how do you raise it??…..Email Marketing is #1 and it has the absolute highest ROI (return on investment) of all marketing vehicles. We’ll talk more in my next post…. Go Ahead and find your conversion percent today…then we’ll pick up where we left off!

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