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Branding is What you Are Really Selling: a Jar

Branding is What you Are Really Selling: a Jar

Hope in a Jar

Ralinda Harvey

Forget about Oprah’s latest “Eat..Pray…Love,” phenomenon book…this week I am personally enjoying “Advanced Brand Management,”by Paul Temporal…and I have to say it is quite wonderful;) Even more wonderful if you’re really trying to define your brand. One of the most crucial decisions a company can make.

Author Temporal urges companies to analyze what business they are really in….for example a brand like Volvo is not selling cars they are selling “Safety” and a brand like Donald Trump is not selling books, suits or even real estate he is selling “Success.”

To translate this concept into the style industry we sometimes drift a little bit more towards the superficial…. Although the same principle applies.

A lot of jean companies want to sell a “great butt.” A luxury handbag company may sell “status”… while a shoe company sells… “long legs.” Each of them with an undertone of confidence. Perfumers are also famous for using images and scent to sell sex…. glamour… and passion.

To be fair an organic tee shirt company may sell a “clean environment,”…and a product in the"Philosophy," beauty line… literally sells “Hope in a Jar.” (now that sounds good)

The great thing about branding is that when you can take what you’re selling…combine it with what you’re REALLY selling and then sell it for all that it’s worth!

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